The International Spiritual Yoga Holiday Camp in Costinesti


A unique spiritual event

Accelerated spiritual evolution

For all those who participate full of enthusiasm, the Yogi Spiritual Holiday Camp in Costinesti is, first of all, an extraordinary chance of accelerated spiritual evolution. A concentrated slice of true spirituality, that you can use for months in a row. Such a camp is much more than just a holiday. It is a true spiritual adventure that takes you beyond the daily routine. It is the ideal time and place to discover yourself, to sink into the depths of your soul in order to discover unsuspected treasures, while receiving an abundance of experiences, esoteric knowledge, model spiritual state, and many other beneficial surprises in a subtle, effervescent, sublime and profound transforming climate.

The state of unison

There are up to 6,000 yogis participating each year in the camp. All animated by the same spiritual ideals, the same thirst for knowledge, truth, and God. New friendships are forging, the old ones are deepening, but the most important relationship you are improving and deepening is the one with yourself and with God. Here you feel that you ”grow in one day as others do in a year”. This is due both to the subtle, telepathic, spiritual impulse, and the unison of the thousands of people meditating at the same time. The efficiency in reaching high spiritual states increases immensely. Every day there is a Hatha Yoga session and two exemplifications with spiritual states – half an hour at noon, and half an hour in the evening. These spiritual ”gifts” represent certain models, or benchmarks, that each participant can deepen afterwards, according to their preferences and affinities.

The annual astrological hiatus

Not by accident, the Yogi Camp in Costinesti includes the annual astrological hiatus, which this year takes place on August 27. This exceptional astrological moment represents a genuine spiritual ”trampoline”, being an extraordinarily favourable moment for an accelerated spiritual transformation. Every person meditating deeply and full of aspiration in the two-hour Yang Spiral can actually ”leap” several ”steps” at once, assimilating in a few minutes what it would otherwise take years. In a year cycle there are two such hiatus moments. One corresponds to the spring equinox, while the other corresponds exactly to this precisely calculated moment, during the month of August. The yogis who are initiated in these mysteries related to the Occult Moments of Hiatus seek to get the most out of them through this spiritual action in unison.


Special initiations

Also during the Yogi Camp in Costinesti there are certain special initiations, outside the yoga courses curriculum, such as the initiation in the mysteries of the beneficial state of romantic trance, the initiations related to the celestial world of Svarga Loka, to Indra (the divine ruler of gods' spiritual realm), to Krishna, or to Kalki (the 10th avatar of god Vishnu, the warrior who will restore divine order and harmony at the end of Kali Yuga). There are also the meetings of the Charismatic Theophanic Movement and the special selection for those who aspire to be part of this spiritual esoteric group, which has as motto: ”With God, for God, in God, unto God”, takes place now as well. Within the Charismatic Theophanic Movement one can deepen the study of esoteric Christianity, can decipher secrets related to the world of angels, to the spiritual laws, and the direct, ineffable communion with God the Father is particularly facilitated.

The exceptional spiritual healing event

Starting with 2015, at the end of the Holiday Camp in Costinesti there is also an exceptional event of invoking the Grace of God for healing. For almost one full day, an impressive number of people, who have previously prepared themselves through several days of water fasting, gather in open air, pray and invoke the Godly Grace to heal certain illnesses or affections they suffers from, to overcome certain shortcomings or defects, or to elevate and transform themselves from the spiritual point of view. There are already dozens of documented cases of spontaneously healings through the Grace of God, following the participation to this spiritual event with faith and dedication.

Spiral meditations

Among the priorities of the participants in Costinesti Holiday Spiritual Camps there are the yang or yin spiral meditations, the meditations for awakening the soul of the Romanian people, or the souls of the nations of other yogis attending the camp. It is worth mentioning that usually in the camp there are yogis from over 20 countries on all continents. They get translation in the main international languages, so that everybody can also benefit from the information offered here.


The camp programme includes listening to old or new lectures hold by the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, by other instructors in our yoga school, or by guests. There are also special lectures exclusively for men, exclusively for women, and lectures for men and women where important issues related to couple relationships are discussed. At the end of these special lectures, there is a set of 7 extraordinary exemplifications with model spiritual states, meant to help the participants assimilate in a practical way various aspects.

Miss Shakti Costinești

Another special event eagerly awaited during Costinesti Yogi Spiritual Camp is the already famous Miss Shakti contest. In an climate of beauty, vitality, sensuality, humour, intelligence, spontaneity, and spirituality, the women who compete in here do not compete with one another, as in an ordinary Miss contest, but compete with themselves, in a sui-generis ”marathon” of femininity, which brings to light their most amazing qualities.

Taking into account the richness of information and activities available here, we may say that it is worthwhile to participate with enthusiasm in this Yogi Spiritual Holiday Camp, to experience firsthand this unique, delightful and sublimely transforming experience.

See you in Costinești!