Meditations of Communion
with the Great Macrocosmic Powers


The Great Macrocosmic Powers, the 10 Facets
of the Divine Mother, Maha Shakti

The tantric vision depicts the universe as a pyramidal vibratory structure, the different worlds being placed on different levels or layers. Each such level has its own vibration frequency and it is the expression of a certain level of consciousness. At the top of this gigantic pyramidal structure there are certain essential energy focal points, symbolically called Macrocosmic Powers or Goddesses, which have a fundamental role in the creation, maintenance and resorption of the Manifestation.

There are ten Great Macrocosmic Powers (Dasha Maha Vidya), each having specific functions within the universal harmony. The esoteric knowledge of the ten Great Macrocosmic Powers and the subtle, telepathic communion with their gigantic spheres of force is so important and valuable in terms of accelerating our spiritual evolution, that among the many yogi activities and techniques that are available during the spiritual camps, the meditations of communion with the Great Macrocosmic Powers hold a special place.

Moreover, the Yogi Holiday Spiritual Camp in Costineşti is even integrated, in a certain manner, within the sphere of influence of one of the Great Ten Macrocosmic Powers. In this way, the entire subtle field of the camp is impregnated with the huge beneficial energy that is specific to that Great Macrocosmic Power. Thus, she becomes the "spiritual protectress" of the summer camp of that year. She will be invoked, called upon, and implored to bestow her grace, and thereby all participants may receive a sui-generis initiation or re-initiation into the mysteries of her sphere of force.

The ten essential female deities, Dasha Maha Vidya, are nothing else than ten facets or dominant aspects of the personality of the fascinating Supreme Divine Mother (Maha Shakti). Although each of the Ten Macrocosmic Powers lead the aspirant to the Godly Ultimate Truth, they have different characteristics and fulfill a distinct function within the ineffable cosmic harmony of the great Creation of God.

In their traditional order, the ten Great Macrocosmic Powers are the following:
Kali - the Great Macrocosmic Power of time and transformation;
Tara - the Great Macrocosmic Power of compassion and divine grace;
Tripura Sundari - the Macrocosmic Cosmic Power of beauty and love;
Bhuvaneshwari - the Macrocosmic Cosmic Power of space and knowledge;
Tripura Bhairavi - the Macrocosmic Cosmic Power of ardent effort and sacrifice;
Chinnamasta - the Macrocosmic Cosmic Power of endless courage;
Dhumavati - the Great Macrocosmic Power of the creative beatific void;
Bagalamukhi - the Macrocosmic Cosmic Power of stoppage and benefic fascination;
Matangi - the Great Macrocosmic Power of harmony and godly order;
Kamalatmika - the Great Macrocosmic Power of abundance and plenitude.

The meditations of communion with their spheres of force can be done in three different ways. The most effective type is the laya yoga meditation, where one uses the mantra of that respective Macrocosmic Power. Obviously, in order to attend this kind of meditation it is necessary to have already been initiated in the specific mantra, at the yoga course.

For those who have not yet reached the stage in which a certain Great Macrocosmic Power is studied, there is also the possibility to meditate while focusing on its specific yantra. A yantra is a simple geometric diagram in which the essential characteristics of that Macrocosmic Power are depicted synthetically and symbolically. The yantra upon which the yogi focuses during the meditation allows the attraction and assimilation into their inner universe, due to occult resonance processes, of the corresponding divine aspects and attributes of that Great Macrocosmic Power. During the camp, this external support (yantra) is made available by the organizers in the location where this type of meditation takes place.

The third option is the communion with a certain Maha Vidya using an appropriate musical background. You will find in the camp programme the schedule of these communions with a musical support, carefully chosen to facilitate the occult resonance with the mysterious sphere of force of that Great Macrocosmic Power.