The State of Nudity


Some fundamental initiatic revelations about the nudity
and its hidden meanings

by Gregorian Bivolaru

Only for the one who is pure, it is and remains pure all that in reality is pure, beautiful and true.

Gregorian Bivolaru, yoga teacher

The true Man and all human beings who have attained a clearly superior level of spiritual transformation accept nudity as something natural and pure, which evokes the paradisiacal condition (of Adam and Eve). This why true Man is naked. The hypocrite religions and pharisaism of the cities in particular require garments as mandatory. In some traditional representations, Shiva is nude, Parvati is nude and many deities of the East appear nude in their entire splendour. Yogis, sages of India and followers of Shaivism who are inspired by great fervour walk around nude in the world, to show in this way that they overcame (transcended) all attachments. The nudity assumed in this way is synonymous with virtue, archetypal innocence, truth, detachment, freedom and sanctity, especially in India.

Alain Danielou

W hen regarded in a transfiguring, sacred, divine, pure, sublime and aesthetic way, the enchanting nudity of the body of a harmonious, vital, beautiful human being evokes, for those sensitive to beauty and full of purity, as well as for the initiates, a mysterious, pure and emotional revelation, that also evokes an intense state of detachment and humbleness. As we all know, Adam and Eve were completely nude in Paradise before having eaten the forbidden fruit from the tree of good and evil. This aspect is also symbolic and it shows that nudity has an evident heavenly significance, by making disappear all conventional, social and hierarchic differentiations, which garments bring along.

Only after having sinned were Adam and Eve confronted with the tormenting shame inspired by their completely new view of their naked bodies. It was only after this that they felt the sudden need to shamefully cover their nudity, which had become dangerous, one may say, for immediately afterwards man lost the fundamental paradisiacal purity of the body, heart, mind and soul, due to the original sin. In this way, a fundamental change occurred within the human being. In the Genesis it is written: “The man (Adam) and his woman (Eve) were both naked, but they felt no shame”.

Even though nudity is often viewed in the West as a sign of sensuality and materialistic degradation, we have to realize that this is not a universally valid perspective, and it cannot stand. Both for sages and for initiates, the complete nudity of the body means above all the descent to another level of the supreme principle, which thus becomes accessible to us in the manifestation. Harmonious nudity of the human being also shows a proportional, mysterious, ineffable and necessary exteriorization of perspectives. In order to comprehend this terrible secret, at first on an intuitive level, we can think of the enchanting denudation of a gorgeous woman, shown in a mural painting in the so-called Chamber of Initiation in the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii as participating to a sacred ritual.

If this scene is watched carefully, with transfiguration and aesthetic joy, it can help us discover that it is extremely full of symbolism. The plurivalent and wonderful symbolism of an enchanting naked body evokes beauty, physical purity, moral purity, intellectual purity, purity of the soul and spiritual purity, for those who are capable to some extent of perceiving them. The enchanting nudity of a harmonious body can be considered, according to the sages, a sui generis necessary return to the primordial paradisiacal state, which grants us again access to the central beatific divine perspective.

It is well known that Shinto monks purify their naked bodies before charging them with mysterious, divine and sublime energies, while in nature, in the cold winter air. Thousands of years ago, many yogis of India, men and women, were completely naked and many of them stated that they are in fact “dressed” in a certain way with the whole space. Even nowadays the yogis who attend the famous Kumbh Mela celebration are completely naked, to the astonishment and delight of the Western tourists who witness in fascination this famous celebration that takes place every 12 years in India.


It is well known now that, thousands of years ago, the Jewish priests entered naked in the Holy of Holies [Most Holy Place, the inner sanctuary of the tabernacle], thus showing that on certain privileged occasions the human being must expose himself/herself and present oneself to the mysteries that are revealed to them, and to the divine embrace, in a state of complete nudity.

In all these situations mentioned above, through complete nudity, the apparent separation between man and the gigantic Universe or Macrocosm (which surrounds and embraces the human being when naked) is completely abolished. The initiates have stated that complete nudity of the body also allows the subtle, beneficent, natural energies that come from the Macrocosm to pour down freely upon the naked body, filling it up, without the obstacle represented by the garments, which usually stop this sui generis embrace.

All these aspects emphasize the mysterious importance, unsuspected by the common people, of ritual nudity, which often is and remains legendary and full of mysteries. In ancient times, the sacred dancers in the Indian temples performed their transfiguring initiatic dances being completely naked. In the millenary oriental tradition of Tantra Yoga, the gradual, transfiguring, pure, uplifting and sacred denudation of the initiate woman, who is harmonious, beautiful, pure and enchanting, also represents a mysterious and ineffable revelation of the Supreme Truth. Even in Europe, when speaking of supreme, pure, absolute knowledge, it is not by chance called ”naked truth”. Even in common language the term “bare truth”, or ”naked truth” still exists, as we all know. Some initiates give a similar meaning – shockingly or surprisingly for some of us – to Christ’s nudity on the cross. The hidden significance of this mysterious nudity is the revelation of divine secrets, which is reserved for the few chosen ones.

The complete and fascinating nudity of the Great Cosmic Power Kali, who is stripped of the Macrocosm after its final dissolution, evokes and signifies the enigmatic and terrible power of time. This image transmits a fundamental truth: that the Great Cosmic Power Kali undoubtedly exists in her occult reality beyond Maya, the universal illusion. Through her complete and to some extent enchanting nudity, the naked Kali suggests in this way that in fact she isn’t influenced at all by the universal illusion (Maya). In the millenary Tantra Yoga system, the ritual nudity of the yogis who have reached a certain level of inner spiritual transformation evokes the mysterious symbol of the Universal Macrocosmic Substance (Prakriti), before which the Supreme Immortal Spirit (Purusha), or the absolute divine essence, remains eternally still and serene. In the biblical tradition, complete nudity, which is mentioned several times in the Old Testament, must first be understood as the plurivalent symbol of a mysterious state in which everything, without exception, is manifested and uncovered. As mentioned above, so were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is important that we note and intuitively understand why, back then, at the beginning, the primordial couple didn’t feel the need to use garments until after the fall into sin. This shows, among others, that the fundamental bonds of man both with his fellow men, and with God the Father, have lost shortly after their paradisiacal simplicity, clarity and divine primordial beauty.

The Hellenist view of nudity was pure, enchanting, profoundly transfiguring and very favourable, if we consider the fact that all those who embodied the athletic and artistic ideal were always nude at the Olympics. A text from the Old Testament in the Second Book of the Kings speaks beautifully, wisely and full of common sense about ritualistic nudity. For example, when dancing in front of the Ark of the Covenant, King David wad always nude. Since his wife, Michal, saw this as an unacceptable humiliation, King David confessed that pudicity in front of God is useless, when he has to properly perform all his religious, sacred duties that he had before God.

In ancient times the Gnostic initiates unanimously considered their nudity – which they courageously assumed – as a fundamental symbol of a sublime and pure ideal which had to be immediately achieved. In their case there was also a complete nudity of the spirit, which was expressed through the naked body, and thus annihilated and transcended the boundaries of the body. By completely giving up the garments and being completely naked in their ritual acts, the Gnostics “escaped” the prison of the body and it became possible for them to attain again the primordial, paradisiacal state, the instantaneous ascension, and to gain direct access to the primordial, divine origins of the body.

In some spiritual traditions of the mankind it is even mentioned that, through complete nudity of the harmonious feminine body, that is vital and enchanting and shown in all its splendour, an immense occult magnetic power instantaneously appears, which often has a paralysing effect in the being and the body of man. In the old and famous Irish mythical story, Táin Bó Cúalnge, which can be translated as “The fight for the immortal bull from Cooley”, we are told that, when the great hero CúChulainn came back from his first war expedition, he was at some point overwhelmed with a sudden and odd state of fury and rage, which is why he could no longer recognize his friends or his enemies. Having been warned by a wise visionary woman about what was going to happen, King Conchobor sent 150 very beautiful, naked women to meet CúChulainn. Their leader was Queen Mugain, who was also naked. When the 150 naked women together with the queen came to be face to face with the great hero CúChulainn, an astonishing transformation took place within his being when he saw in all their splendour the 150 naked women greeting him. Becoming profoundly touched and almost paralysed by their fascinating nudity, the young hero CúChulainn looked down in order not to see them anymore, being completely overwhelmed and even paralysed by the inexplicable state that overtook him. Taking advantage of CúChulainn’s surprise and stupefaction, all those women surrounded him, undressed him and immersed him in three basins of cold water. The first basin in which CúChulainn’s body was immerged broke into pieces. In the second one the water started boiling, and only in the third basin the water had a lower temperature, although hardly tolerable. In this way the great hero CúChulainn’s rage was calmed down and he was cured and appeased with the help of the 150 nude women, lead by Queen Mugain.

As to men, complete masculine nudity is often associated with the state of martial trance. Another passage from the famous story “The fight for the immortal bull from Cooley” speacks about some complete nude warriors whose inner ardour made snow melt on an area of 30 feet around them.

When considering its broadly valid symbolism, complete nudity expresses the original paradisiacal state of the human being, and it makes all social or hierarchical differentiations represented by garments disappear. Complete nudity is and remains up to now a primordial element in many secret rituals of spiritual initiation or consecration. By fully undressing themselves, the human beings return in this way to the primordial newborn condition, and at the same time it means that they are offering themselves to the superior, occult, divine forces. By fully liberating themselves from all garments, the human beings reveal in all their splendour the genital organs, which generate mysterious processes of resonance that bring to manifestation a mysterious creative force which is extraordinary. Complete nudity of the body evokes most usually the primordial state of innocence of the paradisiacal world.

In some spiritual traditions of the planet, the complete nudity of the feminine body is considered formidable and deeply enchanting, and revealing certain terrible secrets of the Universe. Through the naked body of a vital, harmonious, sensual and beautiful woman, he who contemplates her with adoration and transfiguration can thus euphorically dilate to infinity, and expands from the finite to the infinite. In this way he can intuit through certain mysterious, illuminating flashes, that the fascinating nude body of a woman undescribable mirrors the mysterious abyss and infinite that God the Father is and forever will be.

It is often mentioned in tantrism that the man who aspires to awaken and to achieve the state of a super virile man, the hero state (Vira), must first make progresses in awakening, activating and amplifying his virility and self-control, in order to become capable of contemplating a completely nude yogini, who has already started to awaken her state of Shakti, before uniting with her in love-making, without ever losing his semen; otherwise he can be harmed as a man because of her immense, feminine, inner power that a yogini spontaneously manifests.

The complete nudity of certain goddesses such as Kali, Parvati, Tripura Sundari, Chinnamasta, is always unanimously considered to be something fascinating, terrible and abyssmal. In the case of the secret initiatic dance of the 7 veils, which the woman takes off one by one until she remains completely nude, these 7 layers also correspond to the 7 heavens of the force-spheres of the 7 planets, which the human soul must cross one by one, and beyond which the Great Mother of the Macrocosm, Mahashakti, is hidden. In this sacred dance, the woman initiate takes off the 7 veils one by one in order to reveal the fascinating and enigmatic Ultimate Truth. This is why, in certain secret traditions, one says that “truth is always naked”. Such secret traditions say, not by chance, that great disasters await the man who discovers this nudity without having been initiated in certain secrets of the feminine. The genius poet Khalil Gibran confessed in his fundamental book, “The Prophet”: “Forget not that modesty is for a shield against the eye of the unclean, that doesn’t deserve to see what is reserved for the pure and chosen ones. And when the unclean shall be no more, what were modesty but a fetter and fouling of the mind? And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair, when your body is nude.” .“

Article from The Programme of the Yogi Spiritual Holiday Camp Costinesti 2017