Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate to the camp?

The International Yogi Spiritual Holiday Camp in Costinesti is organized mainly for yoga students of MISA Yoga School and ATMAN International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. The conditions for signing up are communicated in June - July to each yoga school.

For non-students who want to participate to the camp, you may sign up if you are accompanied by a student of MISA or ATMAN schools who can vouch for your harmonious integration in the camp activities.

You may sign up for the camp upon your arrival in Costinesti as well, under the conditions communicated by each school.

How do I get to Costinești?

You can reach Costinești by car, by train, or by bus.

For those who come from abroad and land at Henri Coandă International Airport (Otopeni) , there is a direct bus Otopeni - Costinești; you can find the schedule here. The information is available in several languages.

There is also Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport, close to Constanța (the nearest city). There is no direct bus or minibus to Costinești, only to Constanța or Mangalia (the nearest cities). You can find the bus and minibus schedule here, in several languages..

If you chose to travel by train, you can find the train schedule here or here. The information is available in several languages. Pay attention, in Costinești there are two train stations: ”Costinești Tabără” and ”Costinești”. ”Costinești Tabără” is the closest train station to Headquarters. ”Costinești” train station is located in the north part of the resort, close to the Conference Field.

For those who chose to come by bus or minibus from other cities in Romania, you can find the schedule of available buses and minibuses here, in several languages

Where can I find accommodation?

The organisers of the camp do not provide accommodation, nevertheless in Costinești there are many guesthouses, villas and hotels where you can make reservations, including online reservations. There is also the possibility to place your tent in campsites or in the yards of some locals. Here are some websites where you can find accommodation:
Direct Booking

In general, from July 15 to August 15, the rates are the highest, as it is the peak of the season. After August 15 prices begin to drop. There are hostel owners offering discounts to camp participants, especially after August 15, or for stays of minimum 2 weeks.

Can I participate in some activities even if I do not sign in for the camp?

There are several activities that are open to all those who want to participate, even without a camp pass. Participation is completely free, but certain conditions must be met.

1. The Charismatic Theophanic Movement. Participation is conditioned by a selection process which takes place every year in Costinesti around August 27, after the annual Hiatus meditation. See the details in Announcements section, as well as in the dedicated article for The Charismatic Theophanic Movement.

2. The Exceptional Spiritual Healing Event. Participation is conditioned only by prior registration (you have to fill a form in the days prior to the event, the details will be provided at Headquarters and in Announcements section), presentation of the pass offered after registration, and observance of the Internal Rules displayed at the venue.

3. Special Hiatus Meditation. Participation to this Yang Spiral meditation is conditioned by presentation of a spiral pass, which can be acquired during the camp according to the schedule announced at the Headquarters, and on this website in Announcements section.

4. Krishna Special Initiation. Participation is conditioned by a selection process that takes place annually in Costinesti, in the first part of August, according to a schedule announced at Headquarters and in Announcements section.
Be aware that for this initiation the continuity of your participation year after year is important; please follow the instructions given by the organisers for this specific initiation.

Is it mandatory to participate to all the activities?

Participation to camp activities is completely optional.

However, you should know that some activities (for instance, special initiations) require continuity of attendance to all conferences that are part of the initiation, so if you miss one of the conferences, you can attend the following conferences only after catching up on the missing one.


Do I have a reserved seat at the camp activities?

For each activity people can enter in the order of arrival and within the available seats, so if you are interested in a specific activity, it is advisable to be present at the very beginning of the schedule specified in the programme. The organisers make every effort to ensure sufficient seats, nevertheless the capacity of the premises is limited.

The activities are carried out in parallel in several locations, therefore please check where the activity that interests you takes place; this is always mentioned both in the printed program, and on the website. In the Contact section you will find a map of these locations.

In addition, you should carefully check the access schedule for the activities where a time limit is specified (meditations, special initiations, artistic shows, etc.). If you arrive later, for whatever reason, you will no longer be able to participate to that activity.