About MISA (the Movement
for Spiritual Integration
into the Absolute)

What is The Movement for Spiritual Integration

into the Absolute (MISA)?


MISA, or the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute, is a non-governmental association that aims to promote the authentic spiritual values ​​of the millenary yoga tradition. MISA structures the teachings of the ancient yoga discipline on the traditional principles and methods described in ancient yogi texts by the great sages of India. The objective of MISA is to embrace the essence of all these authentic spiritual teachings, in a spirit of mutual understanding and acceptance, to express them in a contemporary form, and thus to create a connection between the hearts of all spiritual seekers on this planet.

The spiritual mentor of the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute is the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. Endowed with encyclopaedic knowledge, with a huge practical experience and genuine pedagogic skills, Gregorian Bivolaru has succeeded, after a difficult period of prohibition of all spiritual disciplines in Romania, to lay the foundations of what is nowadays MISA Yoga school – the largest yoga school in Europe. It was founded in 1990 as a public organization, but it has its roots in the communist period, when the practice was done in small circles and lacked the complexity it has now.

MISA Activities

All the activities of our association are meant to spread the yoga practice, the knowledge of Eastern spirituality, Ayurvedic traditional medicine, alternative medicine, Eastern philosophy and culture, shaivism, parapsychology, astrology, alchemy, frontier sciences, religion, spiritual symbolism, esoteric sciences, which we approach both theoretically, and practically. Our objectives include collecting, translating, editing and publishing valuable books, in connection to the aforementioned fields, as well as sharing information with those interested in such aspects by providing training courses, conferences, symposiums, workshops, seminars, and spiritual camps. We are also interested in conducting research in the fields of yoga and ayurveda, as well as in developing spiritual establishments and research centers, where people can study and practice these disciplines.

We support social involvement and we involve volunteers, within the legal framework, to carry out the activities and programs of the association. We believe in people’s power to discover their own godly essence, and we strive to create the necessary conditions for a profound and real self-discovery.

MISA Teachings System

The entire MISA teaching system is directed towards a profound understanding of the human nature, acknowledging both its vast possibilities, and its responsibilities as a spiritual being. The teachings are made available to students in weekly theoretical and practical classes, taught by experienced instructors, who present the ancient teachings in a modern manner, adapted to the Western mindset. Over time, these courses have helped a large number of people to improve their lives in all aspects, to maintain or regain their health, to achieve a state of harmony and balance at all levels, and to deepen the knowledge of spiritual aspects by practicing yoga constantly, with perseverance and enthusiasm. The yoga students also receive printed course materials with detailed information, which provide the framework for in-depth study.

Since 1990, MISA Yoga School has opened yoga courses in more than 250 towns in Romania and 33 other countries; the number of sympathizers and of those who have practiced or practice yoga with MISA Yoga School has been estimated at around 35,000. The yoga instructors are selected through theoretical and practical exams, and undergo a special training.

In addition to the weekly yoga classes, several other activities are organized by MISA: publishing of Yoga Magazine and a monthly newsletter, publishing of numerous books, organizing public conferences, Kashmirian shaivism courses, courses of Ayurveda, parapsychology, alchemy, enneagram, I Ching, Kalachakra etc., organizing symposiums and yoga camps, exhibitions on spiritual topics, as well as other activities aimed to awaken the conscience and help people fully develop at all levels.

Thus, through all its activities, programmes, writings and initiatives, MISA has proven to be a genuine spiritual movement of significant magnitude, providing a framework favourable to practicing and deepening the traditional spiritual teachings, presented in a manner accessible to modern mind, while preserving the spiritual authority of the original teachings.