Join us
for a unique
spiritual event

For all those who attend it full of enthusiasm, the Yogi Spiritual Holiday Camp in Costinesti is, first of all, an extraordinary chance of accelerated spiritual evolution. A sample of true spirituality, that can subsequently be fructified for months in a row.

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The spiritual integration
of the International Yogi Camp 2023

The Great Macrocosmic Power of universal treasures, Kamalatmika, will manifest her subtle influence and will integrate in her sphere of force most of the activities of the Spiritual Yogi Holiday Camp 2023

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Activities open to the public

Besides the activities intended for the yoga practitioners from MISA Yoga School or other yoga schools belonging to ATMAN Federation, the camp programme include some exceptional activities open to anyone, entirely free of charge.


A few reasons why you should come to this camp

If you have already discovered this camp, we don't need to convince you. If you have not been here yet, you may wonder what's in it for you.

  • You can practice intensely various yoga techniques, to your heart's desire.
  • You transform yourself in one month as others do in... many years.
  • You have access to unique initiations, offered exclusively here.
  • You recharge yourself with energy for one full year.
  • You meet old friends, and get new friends as well.