The Spiritual Healing Event


An exceptional spiritual event aiming to regenerate and heal the participants through the miraculous help that comes from God the Father

Every year, in the first Sunday of September

Starting with 2015, at the initiative of the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, an exceptional event takes place every year in September in Costinesti as part of the open activities of the Charismatic Theophanic Movement. At this event, that will make possible ”all kinds of miraculous healings, some exceptional spiritual transformations, as well as certain effusions of divine grace upon all those which God the Father, together with His angels, with His archangels, with His seraphs and cherubs will choose to benefit from the divine gifts that God the Father will bestow upon us from his infinite source on that occasion”, all human beings suffering from various diseases or organic disorders, but with faith in God and who, at the same time, aspire to receive and benefit from His Godly Grace, will be able to participate completely free of charge.

All those who wish to participate to this event should fill beforehand an application, and they will receive a personal access pass, which will be used in the coming years as well. Each participant should of course observe the provisions of the Internal Regulations for attending this event.

Preparations for attending the event

All those who want to participate in this exceptional spiritual event should properly prepare themselves, and should stop consuming meat, fish, alcohol, coffee or drugs. Also, in order to increase the chances for the apparition of some spectacular improvements, or even divine miraculous healings of the illnesses and health disorders of those who intend to participate, it is advised that one should make important first steps towards God, by water fasting and by taking a solemn oath in front of God as well. These modalities are optional, and not a pre-condition to participate in the event itself; all the details about the fasting days, the specific oath and the proposed timetable are published before each such event on the event website, in the section ”Cum particip/How to attend” (for the time being in Romanian only).

Thousands of people have already participated in these exceptional annual events and many of them have felt, either during the event itself or in the weeks that followed, miraculous, overwhelming effects, which have resulted in significant improvements or healing of certain diseases. These authentic accounts can be accessed in the section ”Mărturii/Testimonials ” of the event website (for the time being in Romanian only).

Being healthy is the natural state of the human being

In the website dedicated to this event you will find a lot of information that can help you understand why we actually get sick, how can we restore the state of balance and health - which is actually the natural state of a human being -, what are the principles and mechanisms that come into action when we perform the preparatory stages, and also when we participate full of faith and enthusiasm to this exceptional spiritual healing event that is generously made available to all.


An important advice from yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

"We advise you to participate, year after year, again and again, with great enthusiasm and legitimate hopes, in this divinely integrated spiritual action, for you will be able to discover, step by step, that the healing, miraculous effects appearing in your being are cumulative, and the efforts you make to participate in a proper way will be adequately rewarded by the Good Lord.

If, when you first attend it, for some of you the experience will be less significant, you can rest assured that with the help of the Good Lord you will fell more and more during your future participations, and the miraculous healing processes will become more intense from one participation to another, thus making possible even definitive miraculous healings.

Please note that all the sincere, pure, faithful, loving, and candid efforts you will make in this direction will be proportionally rewarded by the Good Lord, as you deserve. Only by participating again and again in this spiritual action some of you will be able to get convinced of this fact – but only through direct experience.

The overwhelming, sometimes indescribable inner experiences you will have in this way are always unique, rich in surprises, and complex. In this way, you will discover that the Good Lord embraces you ten times more when you truly succeed in making a first step (even a little one) towards Him, and when you also aspire to embrace God, according to your own power. Thus you will be able to convince yourself that in reality:

Do not forget! You should participate and deepen, year after year, this divinely integrated spiritual action, which for the moment is unique on Planet Earth, for in this way you will be able to receive – and especially to feel – the divine gifts of all sorts that God offers us when we deserve them.”