The Occult Moment of Hiatus


The yang spiral meditation
on the occult hiatus moment

The event that brings together year after year the largest number of people to the International summer yoga camp in Costinesti is undoubtedly the meditation in yang spiral that takes place on occult moment of hiatus, which is around August 27th. Thousands of participants, both yoga students in our classes and non-students, hold their hands in the largest human spiral in the world, to meditate together on the occasion of this astrological beneficial moment.

The Occult Law of Number 7

The word ”hiatus” comes from Latin and means gap, break, pause, stop. The moments of hiatus are the expression of the Occult Law of Number 7, known by the great initiates and wise men and first revealed by Pythagoras. In summary, this universal law states that the evolution of each phenomenon or process has some distinct phases, and at one point there is a slowing down or even a stagnation. So, there are certain moments of discontinuity in the evolution of any process or phenomenon when that process can be stopped or, on the contrary, when it can be propelled again with certain energies from outside, which help directing it towards the intended purpose.

These discontinuities or occult moments of hiatus occur in two precise stages of the evolution of each phenomenon or process, that is why we can determine them with anticipation if we know in advance the duration of the phenomenon and its beginning. These aspects are easier to understand by analogy with the musical scale, in which there are two intervals of sound vibration deceleration, called semitones, Mi-Fa and Si-Do, which correspond exactly to the moments of discontinuity described by the Occult Law of Number 7. The first of these moments occurs at 3/7 of the duration of the phenomenon, and is responsible for its completion, and the second moment occurs at the very end (or 7/7 of its duration), when the phenomenon can either stop definitively, or it can start again, translating on another "octave".

In the individual existence, where we do not know in advance the duration of certain actions or processes, the moments of discontinuity can be observed in the form of a lack of impetus or enthusiasm, or even in the form of a state of inertia that installs at a certain time after the beginning of an action, and that can be overcome only by appropriate mobilizing. For athletes, such a moment of discontinuity is known as the critical moment where many stop and abandon, but those who mobilize themselves by making a certain physical and volitional effort find a mysterious energy, an even higher one than the one at the beginning, which helps them finish the race (or the specific activity) that they have started.

If we apply this occult law to the duration of an astronomical year, that starts with the Spring Equinox, the first moment of hiatus is at 3/7 of its duration, that is, around August 27th (the date and time are calculated accurately each year), when the MISA Yoga School does the special hiatus meditation in yang spiral, and the second moment of hiatus is at the spring equinox, that ends the astronomical year. From the spiritual point of view, it is highly advisable to apply the occult law of number 7 to the objective temporal cycles, because the subtle energies that support them come from the godly consciousness, and it is very easy at these times to enter in occult resonance with the universal energies that support the whole Creation.

Those who are attentive and receptive manage to attain in such moments very high states of consciousness and have the opportunity to take a considerable spiritual leap. Besides the spiritual effects, this moment of hiatus is favorable to starting new projects or making important life choices, which will be fully supported by the colossal energy manifesting at that time.

In addition to the individual effects experienced by each participant, the meditations in unison performed by a large number of people in such favorable moments influence for the better the entire planetary environment, due to the considerable amount of beneficial energy, allowing to overcome this period of major trials and tests that mankind is crossing.


About the hiatus spiral in August

At the special hiatus yang spiral meditation take part annually between 5-7,000 people from several countries, some of whom come especially to Costinesti just to attend this meditation. The duration of this meditation is slightly over two hours, but the participants usually arrive 3-4 hours before, as the process of spiral formation is quite complex due to the large number of people. The participants are arranged in rows of 24, alternately man and woman, in the order of the astrological signs, and the rows are arranged in the form of a spiral, counter clockwise, starting from the center. This arrangement in the order of the zodiac allows each participant to benefit and accumulate in their being the specific energies and qualities of all the 12 zodiac signs, which they would otherwise assimilate only through persistent efforts made over a longer period of time; and the yang arrangement (counter clockwise) allows the assimilation of the specific characteristics of the masculine, solar, active principle: dynamism, control, emissivity, ability to act, firmness.

A yang spiral meditation, even if not done on hiatus, has a wide range of beneficial effects, often overwhelming: from improving health, charging with enormous beneficial energy, deep inner peace, or beatific happiness without object, and up to high spiritual states such as experiencing a state of communion with the infinite consciousness of God. All the more these effects can be achieved on the occasion of this very special meditation attended by so many people.