The Beneficial State
of Romantic Trance


An initiation that grants us access
to the mysterious reality
of the Astral Universe

The initiation in the mysteries of the beneficial states of romantic trance is one of the most extraordinary initiations offered in the Costinesti Spiritual Holiday Camps. It is a practical method to self-induce an eminently beneficial state of trance, which allows the practitioner to have access to certain parallel paradisiacal plans in the astral universe, and to a wide range of paranormal phenomena.

The theoretical preparation and the practical execution

It can easily be called a "marathon" initiation, because it implies to attend no less than 50 hours of theoretical presentation of the phenomena that occur in connection with the state of trance, but also of the way in which the induction of the beneficial trance states is achieved. The lectures covering the theoretical part take place over several days, and, because it is a secret initiation, recording is not allowed and no notes can be taken. After listening to the whole theoretical presentation, the first induction of a beneficial state of trance takes place, the so-called induction-initiation, and during the camp there are two more inductions. In order to successfully complete the initiation and to receive the special pass which allows subsequent access to any other inductions in the Herculane or Costinesti camps, it is necessary to attend - during the camp in which you received the initiation - at least two inductions after listening to the theoretical part, in accordance with the specific indications of the Holiday Programme of that year.

Signing up for this exceptional initiation is usually done in the early days of the summer camp and it is available only to those who are enrolled in the spiritual camp at Costinesti. All administrative details are communicated in advance, so that those interested can sign up in time.

Results come only through practice

The initiatic method of inducing the beneficial states of romantic trance is complex, but totally natural, effortless and exempt of any danger, if the indications given in the technique are followed. Because it is something new and, to most people, completely unusual, namely the access to other dimensions of reality, the understanding of the theoretical aspects is of paramount importance. Without this theoretical background, it would be difficult to fully benefit from the exceptional experience brought by the beneficial trance states. Similarly, the theoretical knowledge without the direct experience would be worthless. Like any esoteric initiation, this one too will become effective and will be fruitful only to those who will deepen it through the "gram of practice."

There are hundreds of testimonials and accounts of the participants who have felt the amazing effects of experiencing a state of romantic trance. The connection with the romanticism is not a coincidence. All the pure and uplifting ideas of Romanticism, all the human qualities that the Romantic era promoted, such as pure love, courage, generosity, grandeur, temerity, are awakened and amplified during the trance state. The participants experience an astonishing disappearance of ego limitations, obsessive worries, inner tensions, psychic blockages, or unhealthy states of any kind. The beneficial trance states are a true method of "escaping" and liberating from the domination of the daily routine and all kinds of hardships that burden our existence, as well as a means of becoming familiar with the mysterious reality of the astral universe.


The Astral Universe opens its gates

During the states of trance, perceptions of the physical plane become somewhat secondary, but the awareness of the physical plane never disappears altogether. There is a gate opening of this gigantic and fascinating universe, namely the astral universe, that we discover and explore through our astral body, that now is awakened and energized. The enchanting reality of the astral worlds will transform and transfigure the perception of physical reality. For example, if we walk in nature, the landscapes, plants, beings will appear impregnated by some kind of mysterious, fascinating magic, irradiating a mysterious and glamorous light. Everything looks new, amazing, enigmatic, savoury and delightful.

We could spend our whole life exploring this new fascinating field that we now have access to. But the purpose of inducing the beneficial states of romantic trance is not only to get into the astral universe and to experience euphoric, savoury and full of charm states. What a spiritual aspirant must pursue with tenacity, inclusively through this secret method of induction of the beneficial state of trance, is the spiritual progress, the gradual ascension towards God. The most precious gift that the secret initiation in the induction of the beneficial states of romantic trance makes available to the yogis is the possibility to induce superior, extraordinary states of consciousness.

Access to high states of consciousness

In other words, the method of progressive induction of beneficial trance states is only an instrument, but one with unsuspected spiritual valences. And that is because all the yoga techniques we know - asanas, pranayama, meditation, concentration, lovemaking with continence, etc. - are, without exception, much more effective when they are practiced during beneficial trance states. The explanation is simple: the extraordinary energy of the astral body triggered by this secret method. Beneficial trance states also facilitate the entrance into supernatural states of consciousness, if they are, of course, explored and deepened with consistency and lucidity. We have at our disposal a safe and extremely effective way to enter at will, with great ease, in supra-mental states, which can then be maintained for increasingly longer periods of time. This is especially useful for the advanced yoga practitioners interested in Jnana Yoga techniques. "It is fundamental to know that, when an ASANA, a certain technique of PRANAYAMA, a certain mental concentration exercise (DHARANA), or even a yogic meditation (DHYANA), or the various LAYA YOGA techniques that are done with the help of MANTRA or BIJA MANTRA, are performed in a beneficial state of trance, their efficiency increases by at least three times. The induction of trance states may therefore be considered as a very valuable adjuvant, which facilitates the achievement of astounding results. The practice of other forms of YOGA, such as KARMA YOGA, BHAKTI YOGA, TANTRA YOGA, KUNDALINI YOGA, YOGA NIDRA, etc., when approached in a beneficial state of trance, favours the achievement of results that are also triple.” - Gregorian Bivolaru, yoga teacher

In the light of all this, it is worth making the effort to enthusiastically participate in this extraordinary initiation, in its way unique on this planet, and then to put it into practice with consistency, to convince us directly of all the spiritual benefits which it offers us.