Lectures on Special Topics


Special lectures for men and women

Amplifying the polarity

The whole manifestation takes place through the play of polarities, (-), feminine, Yin in Taoist tradition or Tha in the Hindu tradition and (+), male, Yang or Ha, polarities emanating from the unique Tao or God. Even in society, and especially in the spiritual societies, it is obvious that men and woman have their distinct characteristics and roles. That is why in the Holiday Camps there are special conferences meant to help understand and amplify the polarities, to celebrate the masculine and feminine principles and their presence in Manifestation. These conferences are dedicated to either men or women only, address specific issues and present techniques to develop virility, and femininity respectively. At the so-called men's conferences, dedicated exclusively to men, women do not have access, and at the women's conferences, exclusively dedicated to women, the men cannot participate. As a unifying crowning of this polar enhancement, there is a mixed conference involving both men and women, but each seated in different areas of the hall, the men on the right side, and the women on the left side of the stage, the areas being separated symbolically by an empty row. The conferences for men and women are held both in Herculane and Costinesti camps, while the mixed conference takes place only once a year, in the summer Costinesti Yoga Camp.

Obviously, these special conferences, for men or for women, are intended to present, clarify and discuss issues that are strictly related to that gender, and it is good to remain within that framework. This is due both to the principle of the divine mystery, and to the need for the two principles, masculine and feminine, to amplify and perfect their inner qualities that they have received at birth to a greater or lesser extent.

Practice accompanies theory

In this way, the participants attend lectures on various topics of interest, presented by experienced yoga instructors or coordinators of special group of women and men, watch inspiring videos, listen to testimonials of aspirants who have achieved remarkable results following a perseverant practice, or everybody practices together yoga techniques in order to deepen some of the aspects presented. Moreover, the conference is interactive, the participants can ask concrete questions to receive all the guidance and clarifications they need.


We aspire at the Glorious Androgynal State

In addition, during the men's conference, the women can participate in a women-only Yin spiral, that aims to amplify feminine qualities, and during the women's conference, the men will do a Yang spiral, aimed at enhancing the masculine characteristics and qualities. This leads to a remarkable polarisation effect, the result of a group relating to the one which is doing a spiral, and conversely, in order to achieve the unity of the two, as is the case of a two-pole electric battery that only if built in this way produces electricity and illuminates a bulb. In esotericism it is known that the stronger the two poles, "plus" being the man and "minus" being the woman, the greater the energy, attraction, appreciation, mystery, transfiguration and, ultimately, love between them. In other words, the manlier a man, the more feminine a woman.

For this, a man needs to receive guidance, advice, or even to be taught techniques and specific methods by more experienced men, who have already acquired some mastery and have deeper knowledge. The mere participation in such a manifestation, which brings together hundreds of male participants, awakens and amplifies within each man his own male polarity. This helps him to pervade the ineffable mystery of the Glorious Androgynal State, during the exemplification that has been done for many years already in these conferences. And at the end of each such conference, seven exceptional exemplifications are done, with different model states necessary for a true Vira (a word that designates an exemplary man), true spiritual gifts that greatly enrich those who are open to receive them. These exemplifications are done on a specially chosen music and can be repeated by everyone during the following year, in order to amplify one or more aspects that constitute a genuine initiation, that needs to be further perfected. Women do the same during the conference dedicated to them.

As a necessary addition to these two thematic conferences, there is also the mixed conference in Costinesti. Here topics of general interest are discussed, aiming at harmonizing and spiritualizing the couple relationships, and advice is offered to overcome the possible problems that may arise in a couple relationship. The exceptional exemplifications at the end of the mixed conference are true model states, genuine initiations that are afterwards available to any participant, to the couples of yogis who aspire to evolve spiritually and attain perfection together.