Lectures on Spiritual Topics


Audio lectures of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru,
lectures of other yoga teachers

A fountain of knowledge and wisdom

The Yoga Summer Camps in Costineşti constantly surprise us with new conferences on topics related to yoga and spirituality in general, conferences which, in addition to thoroughly documented theoretical aspects, have a practical side that helps the participants acquire adequate information in order to assimilate the theory and make it a part of their spiritual life.

Since repetition is the mother of all learning, and because most conferences are very complex, addressing not only our intellect and mind (Manomaya Kosha), but also deeper spiritual structures, they are re-heard from time to time along the years. Therefore, in a summer spiritual camp, we have both new conferences and older ones, which are useful both for deepening their understanding, as well as for newcomers.

An integral part of the teaching of our yoga school

The audio lectures of the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru are eagerly awaited, being the result of an encyclopedic knowledge and a profound, authentic spiritual experience. They cover topics ranging from ancient esoteric teachings to modern life issues, from spiritual healing to the awakening of paranormal abilities, or from nature's mysteries to the latest discoveries of quantum physics. These conferences complete in a necessary way the knowledge gained during the yoga course itself, which is attended by most of the participants in the camp. The topics cover a very wide range of interest for yogi aspirants, regardless of their level, including various practical, tangible aspects, often echoing a general need. Other points of interest are the conferences held by different yoga instructors or even by special guests from outside our yoga school, who share with the public their knowledge or the results of their practice.

These conferences are not only a valuable source of useful information, but also a fount of profound esoteric knowledge. The same as the careful study of various texts and spiritual papers, hearing a conference can give us the opportunity to resonate with the macrocosmic mind, with profound spiritual truths, and even with the state of godly wisdom. Testimonials of various participants who have experienced elevated spiritual states, as well as profound revelations, only by attentively hearing such conferences, are proof of that.


The attitude matters

An esoteric secret we reveal to you, so that you truly benefit from hearing spiritual conferences, is that you need to have an adequate attitude, which involves an inner openness and a superior receptivity, a keen, insightful attention that can be maintained for long periods, a good enough memory, and a lively intelligence, matched by an awakened spiritual intuition. In this way we can reach the vibration frequency of the lecturer, in order to receive and fructify both the information offered, and transforming spiritual energy that is generously conveyed in those moments.

Thus, we may be amazed to see that even conferences that we listen to for the third or fourth time reveal aspects that we have missed before, and that sometimes it is necessary to hear them several times in order to truly perceive all the meanings revealed on that occasion. From a different perspective, some special conferences, such as the conference on the insidious traps of the ego (Ahamkara in Sanskrit), or the one about spiritual saturation, can be considered true "preventive treatments", wake up calls meant to warn us against certain temptations, trials and tests that inevitably appear on the spiritual path. These conferences should be listened to periodically, every 3 to 6 months, so that we can lucidly overcome the respective traps since, as we all know, "it is easier to prevent than to cure".

Another type of conferences are the ones that awaken within the careful, well-informed audience, the subtle resonance with different spiritual realities. Such as, for instance, the conference on paranormal yogi powers, siddhis in Sanskrit, or the one about accessing supra-mental states. Even when they describe aspects that are still inaccessible to many of us, listening carefully to the theoretic concepts related to those spiritual realities helps us get neared to them and ease our access to them. Or for instance the conference about the awakening and enhancing of the state of happiness in the human being which, in addition to extensive theoretical information, provides us with practical efficient keys, as well as an effective resonance with the state of happiness. And the examples could go on. In the almost 30 years of such spiritual camps, there have been dozens, even hundreds of conferences that profoundly enriched those who have listened to them year after year.

To conclude, we can say without exaggerating that each conference includes, more or less obvious, a genuine spiritual initiation, that we can truly benefit from solely in a lucid and continuous state of awareness, with great patience and proving inner depth.