Miss Shakti Costinesti
Show and Contest


A unique and deeply transforming
Miss contest

Do you wish an unforgettable spiritual experience? Would you like to enjoy days and nights in a row the effusion of grace, beauty and transfiguring eros? To enter the fascinating and mysterious world of femininity? To perceive all its splendour, greatness, and spiritual strength? To discover sensuality at its best? To see the woman as you have never done before? To feel the blessing of the countless spiritual gifts that she, and she alone can offer you?

Are you a wonderful Shakti in the making? Dare! Participate in the Miss Shakti Costinesti 2018 Contest. A different type of contest! For the time being, the only one of its kind in the world. You think we are exaggerating? We are not! Here you compete just with yourself. Or better said with the highest, the most beautiful and the best part of your being. It is a challenge! But also an amazing joy when you realize that there is a privileged space in this great world where you can fully discover and manifest the wonderful gifts that you have been endowed with.

Miss Shakti Costinesti! A sublime frame in which true friendships are born - lifelong soul ties. If you have not yet experienced the happiness of being part of a community of women, here you have the chance to discover how much this profound communion, born of love and mutual admiration, can help you.

Are you a spectator and would you like to know what is the meaning of the performances during the seven nights of the Miss Shakti Costinesti contest? Fascinating voyages to subtle paradisiacal worlds, which offer the extraordinary opportunity to enter into communion with the sublime godly aspects of manifestation: angels, archangels, gods, zodiacal archetypes, avatars, Great Cosmic Powers, and even Shiva himself.

Every night you will discover a new world, a world that is exceptional and that reveals new and new facets of love, beauty, harmony and divine eros.

Who guides us into this very special spiritual journey? One of the Great Cosmic Powers - this summer, the Great Cosmic Power Matangi! The glorious queen of the universe who wisely ordains and supports the harmony throughout the Manifestation. She, the sublime Divine Mother, takes us from where we are and leads us directly into the pure and everlasting Heart of God.

Join us into this extraordinary spiritual adventure, and you will gradually discover that She, Maha Shakti, is actually amazingly close to you.