Spiral Meditations


The induction of the state of spiritual liberation through godly miracle, meditations in yin and yang spirals

The spiral, an ancient spiritual symbol

One of the earliest spiritual symbols of the world, the spiral appears on the clay pots of the Turdaş culture (in Romania), 8,000-year-old, on the vestiges of Cucuteni culture in Romania and Yangshao culture in China, both 5,000-year-old - these being the oldest known relics of today's civilization, and it also appears carved in stone in ancient tombs, on all continents. It is associated with the eternal cycle of death and rebirth, and with evolution.

Spirals are frequently found on any scale of existence, suggesting the universal way of the manifestation of space energies, as well as the presence of a mysterious cosmic source that generates them. We observe the spiral form of galaxies throughout the universe, and we find the same shape in the snail shells, in the horns of some animals, in the hair whorls, up to the DNA that keeps the genetic information of every living being. The spiral is an embodiment, a concretisation of the cosmic energies and even of Godly Grace. The thousands of people who participate in a spiral also form a sui generis antenna that captures godly macrocosmic energies that are then propagated into the physical environment in which they live, making for a certain time "as below (on Earth), so above (in Heavens)", through the Will of the Heavenly Father, God.

A tradition of nearly 30 years in MISA yoga school

An already emblematic picture of MISA Yoga School shows hundreds or even thousands of people who hold hands in a huge human spiral, meditating together. This unique genre of collective meditation in yang spiral started to take place since the early 1990s at the initiative of yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru. This type of meditation combines the extraordinary force of unison with the dynamic effect of the yang spiral, adding as well the deep resonance with the macrocosmic harmony, due to the arrangement of people, namely a man and a woman of each astrological sign, in the order of the zodiacal signs. This positioning is not by chance; it brings and manifests on Earth the celestial influence of the astrological signs.

In the MISA yoga school, this type of meditation is organized several times per year, especially in the yogi holiday camps in Herculane and Costinesti. The largest manifestation of this kind is the yang spiral that takes place on the occasion of the Occult Hiatus (an extremely favorable astrological moment, around August 26th - 27th), which gathers over 5,000 participants in a continuous two-hour meditation.

The specific indications for those who attend a yang spiral meditation are: "In the Yang spiral, all participants will become aware of and will mentalize with power the appearance and manifestation of an energetic vortex Yang, solar, (+), Ha, profoundly regenerative, beneficial, dynamic, that will have the backbone as a rotating axis. The respective energetic vortex will rotate counter clockwise. Especially during the first part of the Yang spiral, it will be vigorously mentalized the uninterrupted, clockwise movement of this beneficial energy vortex Yang, (+), solar, Ha. Do not forget that always we become exactly what we strongly think (namely an energetic Yang vortex)! Operating each time innerly, in your own microcosm, the beneficial effects you will feel this way will be profound, lasting and even extraordinary."

There are already thousands of reports of people who have participated in such spirals, reports in which they describe a wide range of beneficial effects, often overwhelming. These range from the improvement of health, annihilation of the accumulated negative karma (as some clairvoyants have seen happening), the feeling of charging with a huge beneficial energy, the "burning" of the subtle impurities, the deep inner peace or the beatific happiness without object, to high spiritual experiences such as living a state of communion with the infinite consciousness of God.

Based on universal principles

All this is possible thanks to the action of several universal principles. First of all, it is the Polarity Principle, which describes the interaction between the two opposing and complementary polarities, yin (lunar, feminine, receptive, passive, minus principle) and yang (solar, masculine, emissive, active, plus principle), a principle found in various forms in all wisdom treatises. These two complementary forces create the whole manifestation through their polar game. All the phenomena in nature are the result of the permanent interaction between yin and yang. Yang embraces everything that is dynamic, emissive, strong, transformative, while yin is the conservative, passive, introverted, receptive principle.

For human beings, it is important to achieve an exemplary balance between yin and yang. Achieving a state of harmony between these two polar principles is the recipe for lasting happiness, perfect health, and accelerated spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, at the present time, the vast majority of people, men and women, have a predominance of yin energy in their structure at the expense of the yang energy. The masculine, solar, transforming aspect is in many people deficient, and therefore it is necessary for them to resort to natural, efficient methods to amplify the yang energy.

The spiral shape that can be found everywhere in nature; it can be formed clockwise, and then generates yin energy, or counter clockwise, and then generates yang energy. The yoga meditations in Yang spiral therefore generate, by placing the participants in this shape, a considerable influx of yang energy.

It awakens the state of cosmic man

Astrology teaches us that every human being is impregnated with a certain kind of astral energy at the time of their birth, depending on the position of the Sun on the celestial vault. It is no coincidence that a certain person was born in a certain sign. They will manifest, whether they know it or not, whether they want it or not, that kind of energy that is specific to them. A spiral is, by itself, a symbol of cosmic cyclicality. If, in addition, the beings who form the spiral are polarly placed in the order of the astrological signs: a man born under the sign of Aries, a woman born under the sign of Aries, a man born under the sign of Taurus, a woman born under the sign of Taurus, a man born under the sign of Gemini, a woman born under the sign of Gemini, etc., this creates a broad and profound resonance with the harmony of Macrocosm. Each participant thus synergistically contributes to general harmony, and all of them together benefit from their combined qualities.

This allows, among other things, the awakening and the gradual activation in the individual microcosm of every human being participating in a yang spiral of the intense euphoric, spiritual state of perfect Cosmic Man. The meditation in the yang spiral brings about the indescribable, ideal presence of the living and active presence in the inner universe of each participant of the beneficial subtle astral influences of the other 11 zodiacal signs, which harmoniously combine with the specific code of their own zodiacal constellation. Every human being who participates in a meditation done in yang spiral can feel a sublime state of subtle unity, a harmonizing experience, a unison with the beneficial aspects that are specific to all 12 subtle zodiacal inflows, various elevated states of consciousness, which considerably enrich their mind and soul, facilitating this way the gradual and profound spiritual communion with God the Father.

In the yoga holiday camps, there are also yang spirals formed only with man, for amplifying the masculine specific qualities, and yin spirals formed only with women, which amplify the lunar energy, the sensitivity, and many other feminine qualities.

The effect of unison

Folk wisdom says, "many hands make light work". The beneficial energy, the occult power will grow even more where there are two people of each astrological signs, and there are thousands of people in total. The universal principle of unison affirms that, when more people gather in one thought, with the same intent, their combined "power" is far greater than the sum of their individual powers. This explains why participants in a collective meditation in yang spiral experience far greater effects than what they perceive if they meditate by themselves. These effects, however, are obviously directly proportional to the degree of preparation and the mental focus of each person. By attending such spirals, even those less prepared find it easier to enter into exceptional states of consciousness.

The discovery of God in our own being

The purpose of any authentic spiritual path and, we could add, the forgotten or neglected purpose of any religion is to attain the state of deification, or as it is said in Christianity the state of salvation. This involves an integrative fusion with God through the revelation of the Immortal Supreme Self ATMAN. The plenary revelation in our being of the Highest Immortal Self ATMAN equates the discovery of God in our own being. The one who has reached the state of yoga has revealed his Supreme Immortal Self Atman, and is in a continuous state of communion with God the Father.

During a spiral meditation with the theme The induction of the state of spiritual liberation through godly miracle, the huge energy accumulated, as well as all the other characteristics of such a yogi spiral (archetypal spiral form, zodiac arrangement, man / woman alternation, etc.) through a process of synchronicity and cumulation can create the premises of a godly miracle. Those who are prepared can have the chance to experience the state of spiritual liberation, an extraordinary gift which, fructified further on by persevering and systematic yoga practice, will lead them to the final deliverance.


How do we concentrate in a spiral?

by Monica Dascălu

This is an important question even for experienced yogis who already have participated in numerous spirals.

Overall, the effect of a meditation in spiral depends on each participant - you must always keep in mind that your participation matters both quantitatively, and qualitatively. Here are some milestones to have a successful meditation, but also to contribute to a global effect as intense as possible.

During a spiral meditation, several elements act in synergy, the most important of which are the following three:

1. The shape energy of the spiral
2. The resonance with zodiacal archetypes
3. The exemplification of a certain model spiritual state

The first two elements relate to the way the spiral is formed by the successive arrangement of the participants according to the zodiac signs under which they were born. This arrangement has by itself very intense and easily perceptible effects, generating an energetic vortex.

Some meditations in spiral have precisely the theme of those energetic effects. Other times, there are meditations in spiral that use this "energetic trampoline", the spiral, while focusing on another theme. In this case, the setting of the meditation creates the premise that the meditation is much more intense than usual.

Yang spirals followed by the induction of the state of spiritual liberation through godly miracle involves two consecutive meditations in spiral. In the first, all participants aim to feel the effect of the spiral as much as possible, and for this they are telepathically helped and stimulated. After this silent 30-minute meditation, there are several preparatory stages and then a second spiral meditation, in which the induction of the state of spiritual liberation through godly miracle is achieved using a suitable musical background.

You are part of something complete

During the yang spiral meditation which is done in silence, you will be able to feel, depending on the level of your elevated attention and receptiveness, how a huge energy vortex is generated due to the shape of the spiral. The more people in the spiral, the more intense it is. Practically you will feel the emergence of this yang energetic vortex (rotating anticlockwise) even in your being, in your aura, while you hold hands in the spiral. The better each of the participants manages to focus, the greater the overall effect.

"In the case of the Yang spiral, all participants will become aware of and will powerfully vizualize the emergence and manifestation of a profoundly regenerative, energetic solar vortex that will have the backbone as the rotation axis. The respective energetic vortex will rotate counter clockwise. Especially during the first part of the Yang spiral, one will strongly imagine the counter clockwise ceaseless spin of this beneficial energetic Yang (+), Solar (HA) vortex."
yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Since the spiral consists of women and men placed in the order of zodiac signs, there is also a synergistic effect of the beneficial features of all zodiac signs. A spiral formed in this way is like a grandiose and perfect being, and that is why it generates resonance processes with the zodiacal archetypes of the 12 signs. As part of the spiral, you will also be able to feel this state of cosmic, universal, perfect human being that brings together in its own universe the remarkable qualities of all zodiac signs. It's like having direct access to the sources of different endowments and human typologies, and if you wish so, you can assimilate them into your being (especially if you know them). For this, it is important to pay attention to what you perceive during the spiral and in the coming days, as well as to the cumulative effects that occur over time after participating in several spiral meditations.

The state of spiritual liberation

An advanced yogi who has access to certain elevated states of consciousness can help others to experience to a certain extent these states. How? By experiencing them very intensely and manifesting them in a certain way, with the support of the colossal Kundalini energy. In this case, we are talking about a spiritual exemplification. To facilitate the concentration and the triggering of phenomena of resonance in the beings of those who benefit from this exemplification, it is often used an appropriate musical background. The theme of such an exemplification may be the awakening of a force center (chakra), the raising of Kundalini energy, the intense focus on the present moment etc. Sometimes, spiritual exemplifications can be about the right execution of a yoga technique. Other times, their subject is the manifestation of certain qualities (such as will, courage, perseverance, patience, etc.) or the experience of inner states (happiness, profound peace, delight, love, detachment etc.). In this way, some states that are not easy for the beginner yogis become accessible as model states which the yogis will then need to deepen through individual practice.

Regarding the spiritual liberation, this refers to the ultimate state of perfection of the yogi who, being in perfect communion with God, is no longer subjected to any conditioning or limitation. This is the ultimate goal of the yoga practice and of any spiritual path, and in order to have this fundamental landmark, the state of spiritual liberation is practically induced in the beings of those participating in such a spiral. The fact that this is possible is a miracle - in fact, the induction of the state of spiritual liberation can only be done by a godly miracle.

If these seem difficult to achieve, there are two very clear elements helping you approach this meditation: the first is the focus on the head crown (the posterior fontanelle) where there is an important focal point, Brahmarandra. The second is the musical background, which helps you a lot to have this experience. Try to relax as well as possible, be very present, leave aside any other concerns and worries, have a greater inner opening and, why not, curiosity. This is a state you can experience, and about which it makes no sense to do any kind of mental speculation. Yogis always recommend to avoid the attitude of all-knowing - if you know everything, you cannot discover anything new - so even if you already participated in 500 spirals, never imagine that you already know very well what it is about.

The effects last more than 15 days

To fully fructify a spiritual experience of this kind, it's useful to write down every time what you experienced during the spiral, what states you had and how you felt. Be also very attentive in the coming days, because for 15 days the effects are obvious - although the subtle effects last much longer.

You will notice a wide range of effects: a tonic, regenerative energy (sometimes also healing phenomena), a state of tranquility, peace, euphoria, greater spiritual aspiration and firmness in spiritual practice. You will of course notice that after such a spiral your capacity to meditate improves (the effect lasts for a few days) and you have access to certain vibratory levels and deep meditation states that are clearly superior. For 15 days, in your spiritual diary, briefly record everything you notice as a result of participating in the spiral. Before the next spiral, read over a few snippets of this journal and aim to make of these spirals a sequence of experiences in crescendo.

Your presence matters

The effect of the spiral meditation (especially the first meditation that prepares us for the induction of the state of liberation through godly miracle) depends on the number of people in the spiral, but also on the quality of their participation (vitality, attention, aspiration, focus). That is why your contribution is important both to you, and to the others. Seek to be in your best form, to rest and to prepare for this important spiritual experience.

During the meditation, aim to concentrate and focus as well as possible - and do not make unnecessary movements or noises that would disturb the others. Turn off the mobile phone and check not to have any alarm set. Dress properly to make the experience comfortable (a raincoat is of great use).

If at some point you feel weakened and you start getting dizzy, immediately get out of the spiral and sit down to the ground. You will not return into the spiral, in order not to produce a new discontinuity, but also because bad states generate resonance phenomena with disturbing energies. Aim to be better prepared for the next one.

The induction of the state of spiritual liberation gives you direct access to the purpose of your yoga practice. This is why it is a fundamental experience you should not miss.