Exemplifications of Communion
with Godly Attributes


Godly Attributes take us closer
to the mysterious nature of God

A revelation offered within MISA Yoga School

The special meditations exemplifying various Godly Attributes, for several years now part of the daily agenda in summer yoga camps, are sui-generis spiritual treasures that help us feel and better understand God's mysterious nature. To methodically deepen the meditations is to make use of an efficient, simple and available instrument in order to accelerate our spiritual evolution.

Generally speaking, an attribute is a characteristic or a distinctive feature of something, be it a being, a phenomenon, a thing, or God the Father's mysterious and immeasurable reality. The attributes can be considered essential if they define a quality without which the respective phenomenon, being or object cannot exist, and cannot be conceived. For instance, reason and intelligence are essential attributes of the human being, while skin color can be considered a non-essential attribute.

Distinct sublime subtle energies, whose vibration frequency never changes

The attributes characterizing God, or the Supreme Absolute, include: Love, Wisdom, Allmighty Will, Order, Compassion, Kindness, Omniscience, Eternity, Grace, Justice, Infinity, etc. There is a tremendous number of Godly Attributes. Although these Attributes are mentioned both in philosophy, and in mystic, Eastern or Western, no paper clearly explains what a Godly Attribute is. However, the spiritual guide of our yoga school has pointed out that each of these Godly Attributes is and eternally remains a distinct sublime subtle energy, with a specific vibration frequency that never changes.

The Law of Occult Resonance is the key

Entering the state of occult resonance with these highly elevated, godly endless energies allows us to attract and accumulate them in our being; this is how we come to live a mysterious state of intimacy and communion with God the Father. This is possible because each of us was originally created "in God's own image."

This occult resonance process can be compared to the process when we set a radio to the exact wavelength of a particular radio station, and then capture it, for as long as the radio is properly tuned. In the same way, analogically speaking, it becomes possible to bring within our inner universe, through resonance, the subtle sublime energy of a certain Godly Attribute. Thus we come to feel it, know it, and live it, as long as the resonance process is maintained.

For instance, many of us have had access to the Godly Attribute of Love, have felt it and experienced it. Even if, in our ignorance, we are not aware of what happens when we love, beyond appearances, this is a process of spontaneous attraction of the Godly Attribute of Love in our inner universe. This is one of the essential Attributes of God, which has determined many saints and great sages to unanimously affirm that "above all, God is love; and the intense, profound, pure, and endless love is God." Fundamentally speaking, this Godly Love is a distinct, subtle, ineffable energy with a vibration frequency that never changes. It conveys certain mysterious messages, certain refined, sublime components that pertain to it; it also generates enormous, profound and often definitive transformations within our beings.


We create the necessary conditions

The other Godly Attributes operate in a similar manner. In order to receive them in our inner universe, we must create the necessary proper conditions to generate these refined processes of occult resonance. This involves, among other things, a state of sincere, highly intense aspiration, a state of humbleness and an unshakable faith in God. We will then become gradually able to generate a state of resonance with a specific Godly Attribute.

At first it will be easier with an Attribute with which we already have an affinity, which we feel spontaneously attracted to. Perseverant meditations with that Attribute will help us discover that amplifying our resonance with it will generate the state of consonance with other Godly Attributes. For instance, the Godly Attribute of Love can afterwards attract the one of Compassion. And the one of Compassion will attract the one of Forgiveness. Then the Goodness, the Humbleness, and so on. After a certain period of practice, it becomes possible to enter and maintain a state of occult resonance with several Godly Attributes, simultaneously. However, as a child learns the ABC one by one, before making words or complex phrases, the same way we will work gradually, systematically and persistently, to awaken and amplify within us one Godly Attribute at a time.

Practice leads to results

It is important to know that only we are the ones who can stop ourselves from entering and maintaining a state of resonance with a specific Godly Attribute. Only we can block our access to a process of occult resonance, when we do not create optimum conditions for it to appear and continue in our inner universe. The fact that we do not succeed - for the time being - to awaken a certain Godly Attribute within us should not make us wrongly believe that it does not exist. We'd better make efforts to amplify our aspiration, faith and sincerity.

The sign that we became familiar with the subtle energy of a Godly Attribute is the occurrence and keeping, within our being, of a specific state that is intense, profound and overwhelming. Then we will be convinced that the Law of Occult Resonance exists and acts in a precise, even mathematical way. When we succeed in knowing, directly and ineffably, through resonance, a specific Godly Attribute, we also succeed in finding and intimately feeling God the Father within our inner universe.

We should offer to others as well these sublime energies

Going back to the analogy with the radio, it actually works not only as a receiver, but also as an emitter. When we have abundantly gathered within ourselves the subtle sublime energy of a certain Godly Attribute, we will be able to manifest it, for the benefit of those around us, to help and give them an impulse. In this way, we will use the Law of Occult Giving, which will amplify even more our resonance with the energy we offer to others. In order to do this, one must first receive the respective energy in abundance, because, "from where there is nothing, nothing can be asked for". If we truly have a lot of energy, we will be delighted to find that "whoever has, will be given more", and that "to whoever has, and gives to others, God will give back tenfold".

To facilitate the receiving and accumulation in our being of the subtle specific energy of Godly Attributes, during holidays there are daily meditations with such an Attribute. The rest of the time, there is a weekly meditation, broadcasted online by MISA Sensational TV, every Saturday between 14:00 - 14:30. Whether you practice yoga or not, we invite you to do these meditations together, and to share your experiences with us.