Spiritual Exemplifications in Unison


Paranormal exemplifications
of various spiritual states

Paranormal impulse from a distance

An important feature that makes MISA Yoga School unique consists of the spiritual exemplifications offered by our spiritual guide, Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. These are meditations on various archetypal states, spiritual aspects, or even remarkable human beings from the past with whom we resonate during the meditation, through a paranormal impulse from a distance. Our spiritual guide offers us these spiritual exemplifications by manifesting a specific subtle, spiritual, telepathically field, modulated precisely to the specific vibration frequency of the subject of that spiritual exemplification. According to the millenary yoga tradition, this type of spiritual exemplifications can be performed only by the spiritual guides that belong to the initiatic path called Maha Siddha Yoga.

A benchmark for further individual practice

For each of the participants, according to their affinities and their degree of spiritual awakening, the experience of certain beneficial spiritual states (such as love, detachment, bliss, communion with an exceptional spiritual being etc.) can be more or less accessible, if they tried to do that meditation individually, "by themselves". When they participate to a spiritual exemplification offered by the yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru, in unison (precisely within the specified time frame), by opening themselves to subtle telepathic field that he emits, they will notice an amazing enhancement of that state. During the exemplification, that state becomes not only much more intense, but also more clear, full of nuances, thus becoming a sui-generis model or benchmark that can be used as such in individual meditations later on. Moreover, if the respective state was at first unattainable or unknown to someone who had never experienced it before, in this way it becomes accessible, being experienced in a direct way within their own inner universe.

A gift offered by God through the spiritual guide

This true spiritual performance, to transfer in a paranormal way in the aspirants' inner universes their own achievement and spiritual experience, is specific only to Bodhaka spiritual guides. This term comes from the Sanskrit word "bodha", which is translated as awareness, conscience, essential knowledge and, in yogi and tantric tradition, is the name given to the highest, most advanced category of spiritual guides. The fact that the spiritual guide of our yoga school belongs to this category has been confirmed, along the years, by the accounts of the thousands of participants at this type of exemplifications. In our days this kind of spiritual masters are extremely rare and, to our knowledge, MISA is the only yoga school in the world where this type of exemplifications are frequently done.

Our yoga teacher and spiritual guide, Gregorian Bivolaru, has always stated, with modesty and humbleness, that he accomplishes this with the immense help from God the Father, and that without His help, the telepathic impulsion of hundreds or thousands of people would be impossible to achieve. More precisely, in all these spiritual exemplifications he asks, humbly and lovingly, for divine help, and God the Father is the One who allows and gives to all those who have an open heart the experience of that state, for their benefit and spiritual evolution. Each of these spiritual exemplifications is an invaluable gift that God gives us, through our spiritual guide, who in that instance is the "godly channel" through which this spiritual gift reaches us.

This exceptional spiritual aptitude by which Bodhaka spiritual guides mediate the direct spiritual knowledge for sincere, open aspirants is known in Kashmirian Shaivism tradition as "the direct transfer of the Divine Power" (shaktipata), and it is described as a mysterious, holy communion "from heart to heart". In other words, from the spiritual guide's spiritual heart, which is united or "dissolved" in God's Heart, to the spiritual heart of the sincere and prepared aspirant.


The experience is objective

The fact that thousands of beginner and advanced yogis - who are open-hearted and prepared - often experience such sublime and profound spiritual states when the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru performs certain spiritual exemplifications, with a paranormal support from a distance, is a clear proof of the authenticity of his spiritual achievement, reached through the yoga practice. Anyone can convince themselves by attending, with enthusiasm, good will and a certain curiosity, the spiritual exemplifications done at this yoga school.

A simple way to convince ourselves that this is not a mere self-suggestion is to get the same melody that has been used at a specific exemplification done by Gregorian Bivolaru, where we have experienced in an extraordinary wat what he has paranormally exemplified. Then we will try, while listening to that piece of music, to experience again through self-suggestion the exact feelings, sensations and states we felt at the initial exemplification. We will notice that, despite all efforts, something - which was then essential and ineffable - is now missing. The rich nuances, the amazing intensity, and the overwhelming depth of our first experience are gone. By acknowledging all this in a rational, detached manner, we will be convinced that those spiritual exemplifications are objective and authentic.

An abundance of model spiritual states

The multitude of beneficial states, essential Godly Attributes and important spiritual aspects that have been exemplified along the years is quite impressive. During the yogi spiritual holidays camps - in August, in Costinesti, or May, in Herculane, there are two daily spiritual exemplifications. Such exemplifications are also done at the esoteric Shakti or Vira groups, in Ayurveda camps or other special camps, for important celebrations, or even during yoga programmes on TV. Some of these exemplifications, such as those taking place during the holiday camps, or those taking place each Saturday from 14.00 to 14.30, are available to general public on MISA online TV.